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Broyce Control Ltd
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Tel. + 44 (0) 1902 773746

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Earth Leakage Relays

** 50mm and 160mm Toroids now added **
Broyce Control Ltd

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Earth Leakage Relays

Broyce Control design and manufacture a range of Earth Leakage Relays, for use on single and three phase systems. Available with adjustable sensitivity or fixed sensitivity, for din rail or panel mounting. Broyce Control also offers a version of Earth Leakage Relay with integral toroid. They monitor Earth Leakage current and operate an integral relay at a preset level. Can be used on Earth Leakage alarm or for Earth Leakage protection. Earth Leakage relays are used in conjunction with a core balance current transformer (CT) which are available in different sizes (ZCT/ Toroids). Earth Leakage Relays are a valuable way to protect personnel and equipment in our ever growing litigious society.

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Circular and Rectangular Toroid

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Earth Leakage Relays
BZCT Circular Toroids

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Earth Leakage Relays
BZCTR Rectangular Toroids
Type No
Earth Leakage Relays BZCT050 New Product
Earth Leakage Relays BZCT160 New Product
Description Circular Toroid 50mm Circular Toroid 160mm
Function 50mm Toroid 160mm Toroid
Supply voltage Un - -
Sensitivity IDn - ELR IDn trip setting must be >300mA
Range - -
Time delay - -
LED indication - -
  - -
  - -
Test/Reset facility - -
Output - -
Output rating - -
50% Fault level output - -
Adjustment cover and tamperproof seal - -
Ratio 1/1000 1/1000
Internal Dimension 50mm 160mm
External Dimensions in mm H98 W88 D*40 *inc mounting feet H253 W240 D*60 *exc mounting feet

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